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Fastest growing sport in india

ultimate frissbee✌🏼

Ultimate Frisbee is a self-refereed, team sport in which players seek to score points by passing a Disc/Frisbee to a teammate over the opposing team’s goal line. It is a Non-Contact, Mixed Gender sport known for its Spirit of the Game.

Team sport7 aside

A team could consist of as many players as the team has. An average squad size would be 18-20 players. Ultimate Frisbee could be played on grass fields or on the beach. The games played most commonly are the 7 on 7 format on grass. However, most beach ultimate games are played 5 on 5 on a slightly smaller field.


Unlike most sports, Ultimate Frisbee focuses on self-officiating, even at the highest levels of competition. The World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) has been granted full recognition by the International Olympics Committee, making Ultimate the only sport recognized to be self-officiating, promoting Spirit Of The Game (SOTG) at the Olympics level.​

Spirit of the game sotg🤝

The sport places the onus of fair play on each player, thus, nullifying the need for a referee. SOTG is a detailed and structured definition, guided by a set of rules that ensure quality sportsmanship. ​

Mixed Gender😌

Ultimate has various divisions of play - Opens (Men’s), Women’s, and Mixed Gender. Ultimate is one of the few sports where men and women can play together as one team. The ratio of men & women varies from 4:3 or 3:4 ratio every alternate point of the game.

India national team 🇮🇳

Did you know? India has a national ultimate frisbee team. The Ultimate Players Association of India (UPAI) has constantly ensured a healthy participation from India in the international forums. With a minimum participation of one mixed gender team in the Asia Oceanic Championships and World Championship Tournaments. Team IND


The official approved weight used for International Ultimate tournaments is 175 grams.
All you need to play ultimate are a disc, appropriate playing shoes and an eagerness to learn new things and make more friends.


Two teams of seven players compete on a playing field about the same length as a football field, but narrower. At each end of the playing field there is an end zone. Each team defends one end zone. The disc is progressed by catching and passing it to a teammate. Players cannot run with the disc. A team scores a goal if one of their players catches the disc in the opponent’s end zone.


Ultimate Players Association of India is the governing body for the sport of Ultimate in India. UPAI


Airbenders started as a session between few childhood friends & schoolmates from West Bengaluru. Their regular catch up sessions led to the inception of our Club Airbenders on the 22nd of December 2012.

Today we have grown in to a team of 100+ Ultimate Frisbee players & enthusiasts, looking forward to meeting new people, playing competitive ultimate, and spreading the “Spirit Of The Game”.


Airbenders Ultimate Frisbee Sports Club has grown to be one of the largest clubs from Bangalore.  Since the introduction to this wonderful sport, we’ve come a long way imbibing frisbee as an integral part of our lifestyle. From handful beginners to a formidable force, today we stand strong… and keep growing!

The club has seen a growth of 50 players in the past year (2017-2018) with age ranging from 12 years to 45 years. Airbenders are one of the most reputed clubs of India and have been a prominent role in developing young athletes, some of who have been selected to represent the nation in International Championships over the years. 

We participate in tournaments all over India through the year and have also taken part as a club in a few international tournaments held in Philippines & China.









Women in Ultimate

The strength of our team is largely a credit to our women players.
One of the things that make ultimate a special sport is the emphasis on inclusion and gender equity. Women players have many opportunities to play, learn, grow, and compete in national & international level games.

If you’re looking to learn more about ultimate for women in the Bangalore, this is a great place to start!

Playing women’s ultimate is one of the best ways to develop and hone your skills. We regularly organize women’s sessions in the city to ensure opportunities to play the sport no matter your skill level.



5.45 AM – 8.30 AM

Our club practices sessions are held on Saturday and Sunday from  5:50 am – 8:30 am. 

The sessions are conducted by the captains, sometimes a dedicated coach and some of our senior players who have the experience in the sport and have represented the nation several times.

The focus of these sessions primarily are :-

– Fitness and conditioning

– Disc skill development

– Overall game sense improvement