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What About?

Airbenders Breakside is a platform dedicated to support individuals to come together, to create a network with one another for mutual growth in sports, education, personality and leadership.

You can use this platform to host webinars and workshops (both free and paid) or
to register and attend them as well.

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Want to share your expertise or experiences? Come host an event either for free or on a paid basis.

  • Ultimate frisbee related webinars and workshops.
  • Have a talent outside ultimate frisbee? Conduct sessions and train individuals.


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Get the best from the experienced minds. See what you can gain from them. Introduce yourself to new fields. 

  • Ultimate frisbee and non ultimate frisbee  webinars and workshops.
  • Free and paid basis as per details in the event tab.

partner with us

Find us Interesting! There is a lot we can do together. Partner and collaborate with us. Write to us today!

  • Sponsor online and offline events.
  • Support the team and promote your brand.
  •  Partner to help us develop skills.

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